Born in the city of New Orleans, I grew up and graduated high school in the small town of Brookhaven, Miss. As the oldest of five children, the element of family has made a strong impact in my life. It is a sense of community that I carry into my work ethic.

Excelling in journalism since junior high, my love for writing and storytelling led me to a wonderful college career as a journalism major with a minor in business administration and an emphasis in public relations at the University of Mississippi.

In my spare time, I scuba dive. I have set foot in both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and have traveled the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. Once, I was a member of a fake boyband called Out-of-Sync. I have had the privilege to meet journalism legends Tom Brokaw, Dan Rather and Harold Burson. Everyday I make my life an adventure.

Before my current social media role with Carahsoft Technology Corp., I had the opportunity to develop a thorough non-profit communications background working for a national journalism association as well as a civic engagement group devoted to helping the Millennial generation.

At, I designed and drove communications and marketing efforts through strategic initiatives such as social media implementation, content editing for marketing materials, graphic design support, media relations and the management of the organization's website CMS and database CRM systems. I also developed the organization's blogging strategy and trained a new media coordinator to share in extending our engagement efforts across social media.

Prior to my jouney to D.C., I was the communications coordinator for the Society of Professional Journalists' national headquarters in Indianapolis where I implementing the Society's marketing, social media, PR and media relations work.

During my student career I worked as an administrative assistant for the Freedom Forum's Overby Center for Southern Journalism and Politics. Before that I interned with NBC Nightly News during the 2008 U.S. Presidential Debate at the University of Mississippi. I also worked with the Oxford-Lafayette County Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development Foundation and was the president for the University of Mississippi student chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists.

No matter what people say, I have always believed that “there is no impossible." It is a mind set and competitive edge that has given me focus to accomplish tasks others did not believe I could achieve. Though I look to wisdom all around me for guidance, I draw my inspiration for innovation from Walt Disney, my public relations techniques from Harold Burson and my communications skills from Abraham Lincoln.

With a strong commitement to keeping faith in the people, I am constantly focused on developing the communications skills, innovation, and ethical-center I need to make a difference in the art of communications.